SSCF Excursion NedTrain

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 09:30

On the 11th of June, 2012, the Student Supply Chain Forum organized in cooperation with the Industria Master Study Club a company visit to NedTrain, a subsidiary of the Dutch Railway Company, NS, responsible for the maintenance and repair of the rolling stock. In total 14 MSc and PhD students navigated the bus driver to the Component Repair Shop of NedTrain, recently moved to Berkel-Enschot. At this location train components are refurbished and overhauled.

The day started with a short introduction to NedTrain, followed by a lecture that emphasized the practical challenges that NedTrain experiences in its spare parts management compared with the theoretical inventory control models. It was followed by a guided site tour. We saw for all categories (electronics, mechanics, and pneumatics) a sharp distinction between the dirty and clean processes that are carried out. Remarkable were the precise procedures with respect to tracking and testing of components. Also, we visited the adjacent warehouses with clean spare parts and spare parts that still needed to be refurbished.

Then, after the lunch, a case was studied by three teams of students. The current maintenance philosophy at NedTrain is quite different from practices in other countries. NedTrain disassembles subsystems to replace it by spare subsystems. It implies that the subsystems are treated as rotables. In other countries, a basic overhaul model prescribes regular overhaul of entire trains. A train will be put back into operation only after all its parts have been refurbished. It is unclear whether NedTrain does best by sticking to its current maintenance policy or by adopting the basic overhaul model. The teams were asked to come up with research questions and a decision model for this problem. It was interesting to see that this open problem inspired the three groups to three substantially different approaches.

The NedTrain jury, consisting of Joost Florie, Bob Huisman, Stan van den Thillart, and Bas Wasser, had to pick one winning team. They voted for the Just in Train Consultants: Jorin Aardoom, Reinier Klaasse Bos, Jip de Kort, and Richard van Baardwijk. Thereafter, the day ended with a drink and were we able to thank NedTrain for this exciting day.

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