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Executive operations and supply chain education at TIAS school for business and society

In our dynamic, fast-moving world, knowledge evolves quickly; what is relevant today may be old news tomorrow. TIAS therefore inspires you to develop perspectives that you can always rely upon. Seeing things differently leads to thinking and acting differently and allows you to make the right choices and continue to progress, no matter how circumstances change.

Learning at TIAS goes far beyond merely accumulating knowledge. TIAS prepares you to make a difference with programs modelled around:

  • the latest scientific insights
  • an international context
  • theoretical frameworks and practical applications
  • distinguished teachers and professors
  • reflection and interaction between students and teachers
  • a state-of-the-art learning environment

TIAS offers executive education at different levels allowing  management to develop talent and to keep the knowledge up to date. Special discount rates are available for ESCF members.

1. Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain excellence

Organizations are continuously adapting to a rapidly changing logistics environment. Some with more success than others. Agility, skills and knowledge are what set successful companies apart from the rest, especially in times when investments in innovations demand short payback times and cost reductions are indispensable.

To achieve and sustain excellence in your organization and its supply chains, a thorough understanding of the latest models and insights is essential. TIAS Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence (MOS) program educates you in the latest theories, techniques and skills needed to successfully define and execute your company’s operations strategy. The program addresses real, pressing issues challenging service and manufacturing companies today.

As a graduate from the MOS program you improve the performance in your organization with the understanding, skills and authority to:

  • communicate with experts in your field and extend your network;
  • understand the relationship between your own field and other fields like marketing, sourcing and finance;
  • create awareness for improvement opportunities and launch new initiatives; 
  • cultivate flexibility for quick-response operations;
  • develop a solid operations strategy in line with today’s challenging, dynamic and competitive marketplace; 
  • design and optimize the network structure of your company or supply chain;
  • manage a project in terms of time, cost, people, risks and processes;
  • innovate faster and thus shorten the time-to-market;
  • reduce your company’s carbon footprint with more efficient operations.

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2. Functional excellence Master Classes

Are you looking for more in-depth knowledge on specific topics? TiasNimbas offers master classes around specific themes.  In three-day sessions you are brought up-to-speed with relevant knowledge that can be applied immediately within your own working environment.

  • Operational Excellence 
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  • International Contracting 
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3. Webinar series

On a monthly basis the TIAS Supply Chain and Operations Management group has started broadcasting webinars a 30 minute update on the state of the art knowledge. The webinar series for 2013 includes:




Want to view?


29 January

Transport in 2040:  How to keep Europe moving


Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel
Associate Professor in Logistics - University of Amsterdam (VU), Expert - TNO Mobility, Coach – Slimstock and Key Lecturer TiasNimbas Business School


21 February

Consumer connected: the next frontier in forecasting and demand management

Freek Aertsen
Academic Director at TiasNimbas Business School, Managing Partner EyeOn


21 March

The true value of a Reallocation study

Tjeerd den Os

Strategic Supply Chain Planner, Heineken


18 April

12.00 – 13.00

Supply Chains as strategic weapon in emerging markets like Africa and the Middle East

Sjouke de Vries

General Manager International Sales

Consumer Luminaires, Philips Lighting


16 May

12.00 – 13.00

Lean and Factory Physics: a happy married couple??

Prof.dr. A.G. de Kok at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Adacdemic Director Executive Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence, TiasNimbas Business School 


20 June

12.00 – 13.00

Network design

Nico Kuipers and Bas Groothedde 
co Kuipers; Partner / co-owner – Argusi B.V. Bas Groothedde; Owner, Managing Director at Argusi B.V. and Key Lecturer at TIAS school for business and society


19 September

12.00 – 13.00




17 October

12.00 – 13.00

Cool Chain Management

Edwin W. Kalischnig, CEO at Xtreme Technologies B.V. and Secretary General at Cool Chain Association


 21 November





 19 December


 Sustainable supply (chain) management G.C.J.M. Vos, Hoogleraar NEVI leerstoel Inkoopmanagement, Tilburg School of Economics and Management





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