For ams, “Sensing is Life”. Our passion is in creating sensor solutions that make devices and technology smarter, safer, more environmentally friendly and easier to use. We are shaping the world with sensor solutions, leading the way in forging continuous connections between people and technology, and envisioning a seamless experience between the two.
ams’ sensor solutions and sensor ICs are at the heart of the products and technologies that define our world today – from smartphones and mobile devices to smart homes and buildings, industrial automation, medical technology and driver-assisting vehicles. Leading manufacturers around the globe rely on our sensing expertise for advanced system designs. Our solutions excel in applications requiring extreme precision, dynamic range, high sensitivity, and low power consumption in small form factors.
ams is headquartered in Premstätten, Austria. We operate subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Singapore, Japan, India, China, Korea and the Philippines.


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